Father Hunger Poem

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35a9ee_23Father Hunger is the name.

I come from a long line of men whose fathers were lost and could not speak.

I was born in a time when men were not invested in raising their children.

I am cold



My child that hunger you feel deep within you comes from me. You want to fill the hunger but it is impossible.

Drugs, alcohol, sex, money, television, cars, violence, crime, gambling, sports, and education are all ways to escape the pain of hunger.

But I am relentless.

You cannot fill this hole by yourself. Many before you have tried without success.

Your desire to understand me leads you to more questions.

But they cannot be solved.

You enter therapy to find out why you are so angry and restless and discover that it is me again –

Father Hunger.

I told you cannot push me away.

Your quest to understand me has given you opportunity to look inward and sense the hurt and pain you’ve been suppressing.

Where has my father been? you ask.

Silence fills the room.

You pray that the hunger will no longer be.

Father Hunger never goes away.

You wonder what you could have done different or what to have changed.

The answer is nothing.

You realize you did nothing wrong.

Father Hunger teaches you to do things on your own.

If I have taught you anything it is to not be like me when you have children.

Don’t model after me.

Remember the lessons you have learned from Father Hunger.

Distance makes the heart grow hungry and searches for answers.

Is that what you want your children to grow up with?

Father Hunger comes from the old ways of doing things.

But now you have a choice to follow in my footsteps

or to change.

What kind of parent do you want to be?

(Father Hunger by Michael J. Gargano © 2016 . All Rights Reserved)

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