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thanksgiving cover.jpgToday I prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with millions of other Americans across the country. I pause in reflection to take inventory of what I have going for me and my family. First and foremost I am grateful for the gift of being in relationship. Thank you Jennifer for sticking with me through thick and thin. Thank you for giving me three beautiful children. 

I am grateful for being a father. Life has become more rich and filling with children who look up to me and depend on me. My children are the brightest human beings and always find creative ways to solve their problems. Not too bad for kids who are 1.5 years old (Aria), 4 months (Angelo), and 4 years old(Bella). I am grateful for the gift of family of my own creation.

I am grateful for my freedom. I am grateful that I live in a land where I am able to express my opinions without fear of reprisal or retribution.

I am grateful for friends who love and care for me. Without their support and affection life would seem dull and without color.

I am grateful for the painful experiences I have been in life as these moments define who I am as a person. Without pain I cannot know true joy or happiness.

I am grateful for the gift of recovery. Though painful and difficult to walk this journey I could not think of my life any different. Approaching three years without a drink will be quite the accomplishment come this July.

I am grateful for the God of my understanding. Through everything you have stuck with me showing me new facets of my life’s journey.

I am grateful for teachers and mentors throughout my life who have shown me what my potential and worth is and to value that.

I am grateful for the gift of life and waking up each morning on this side of the dirt. While life may not always be sunshine and roses the ability to get up and start anew is something I cherish.

I am grateful for second chances and opportunities to improve the world around me.

I am grateful for the kindness of others in a world filled with so much violence and destruction.

Each day I have something grateful for.  I could spend the next hundred years writing on this blog what fills me with gratitude. The point of this day is to recognize that every day is an opportunity to see every day miracles. Living life in this way creates a sense of hope and optimism amongst the darkness.

May you find the miracles happening before you today and always. May you find peace and serenity. And may you know peace.

From my family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!

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